Hi, come in.

My name is Koen. It’s a Dutch name, pronounced approximately like the last syllable of cocoon, but with a slightly shorter ‘oo’, as in flu.


You can download my CV here (137 kb PDF, 3 pages). In short, I’m a computer scientist and digital designer who’s passionate about usability, web standards, and games. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a postmaster in Human-Computer Interaction, and work experience as a User Experience Designer. My skills include web design, web development, prototyping, user-centred design and user testing. I’m quite good with stuff like Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Flash and Actionscript, jQuery, Firebug, and PHP.

I’ve recently immigrated to the UK, and found a job as UX Lead at HireMatch.me. If you still think you can tempt this multidisciplinary UX/web designer towards a new opportunity, let me know at khendrix (@) gmail.com.

Apart from my professional interests, I like juggling, capoeira, all sorts of games (computer, tabletop, roleplaying — you name it!), mixology and typography. I also listen to music a lot and occasionally light up a party with my MP3 collection. And I love cookies.


Here’s a few samples of my work. Each of these was designed and coded by myself.

Since you’re using Internet Explorer, some of these demos may not display correctly.

HireMatch.me website design, development and UX

An animatino of the Firefly universe
As UX Lead for HireMatch.me, I’m reposible for everything the user sees and does on our website. Because we’re a very small company, my daily work includes everything from graphic design and wireframing to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP coding. I also initiate and run user tests, and ensure brand consistency across all our publications.

HTML5 Canvas + jQuery + CSS3

Firefox 4 - it's happy and snappy!
In April 2011, I won Mozilla’s Firefox 4 T-shirt challenge, making my design the offical Firefox 4 shirt. After two of my designs were shortlisted from over 1800 submissions, a public vote made this ‘Happy and Snappy’ design the winner. You can see my other Firefox designs on my Mozilla Creative Collective page.

CSS3 Animations

An animatino of the Firefly universe
This was a submission for Mozilla’s monthly Dev Derby. In June 2011, the theme was ‘CSS animations’. I created small and scalable CSS3 animations (without Flash, Canvas, or Javascript) that act as fancy menu icons. You can read more about it in the demo itself. It won second place; see the competition page for more nice CSS3 animations.

HTML5 Canvas + jQuery + CSS3

An animation of the Firefly universe
This animation shows the universe from the Firefly TV series, animated and controlable in semi-3D. It combines some of the best aspects of the new HTML5 and CCS3, using JavaScript/jQuery to draw images and text on a Canvas. This only works in HTML5 Canvas-supporting browsers.

Web design and development

A hand-coded webdesign
I’ve worked on quite a few of web sites and interfaces as an in-house designer, but for this portfolio, I wanted something 100% designed and coded by myself. It’s all valid HTML and CSS, looks good in all popular browsers, and also works well without CSS.

Modern CSS + Javascript

A 3D iPhone rendering
This is an animated 3D iPhone, rendered in the browser using only CSS and Javascript (no Flash, no HTML5 Canvas). Rotate it by moving your mouse! It also has a ‘working’ browser screen regardless of rotation. This only works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari - no Internet Explorer!

UX poster design

A poster on the ROI of usability
In a previous job, there was a lot of discussion in our User Experience (UX) team about how to convince our bosses and other teams of our value. I made this two-page poster about the ROI (Reutrn on Investment) of usability as a communication tool to solve that problem. I think it neatly combines my UX knowledge with my design skills.

Graphic design

A gig poster
I attend quite a lot of concerts so I’ve always liked doing music-related work. This is a gig poster for a fictional Emo Rock night at Liverpool’s Krazy House.

Web design for an intranet

A conceptual intranet design
This was a conceptual design, meant to showcase what features a future intranet (of a 30,000-employee governmental organization) might contain.

Flash animation

An interactive Flash animation
This lengthy (24 mins) Flash animation is based on a voiceover that explains the Dutch customs processes, supported by simple graphics. The graphics and interactivity were drawn and coded by me in Flash.


If you want to contact me, drop me a line at khendrix (@) gmail.com. I promise I’ll reply if it’s about a job opportunity or about cookies.